NEW CHAPTER Marketing & PR

Captivating an audience to showcase your brand and deliver the results you need


Here at New Chapter we work across a large number of different sectors, from health to tech, travel to charity. What all our projects have in common is that they excite the team, and with excitement comes passion. If we don't feel your campaign is right for us we'll tell you, rather than just take a pay cheque. 

By only working with brands and companies we're passionate about we ensure we're constantly engaged in providing high-class results.


We will always be independent in our thinking yet commercial in our understanding, because we’ve been in your shoes.

Our sister company has successfully launched its own health food brand and we know how much dedication goes into producing and bringing to life a product you're passionate about; staying true to your brand whilst gaining those all-important store listings. 

This experience gives us extensive knowledge of the sector, enabling us to better communicate with both consumers and trade. We appreciate the hard work that goes into setting up a brand and understand the need for high quality, targeted marketing, whether that be PR, branding or exhibition stand creation, to support it. Marketing shouldn't be a 'tick box' exercise, but the base from which you drive your brand's success.